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Monday, June 10, 2013

Nookums Paci Plushie Review

How adorable are these Paci Plushies!! I was fortunate enough to recieve a Paci Plushie animal from Nookums to review for all of you to read.
The Paci Plushie comes with its own pacifier, but it is detachable. We use MAM pacifiers in my house and its great that we didnt have to change our style of paci just to use the product. The rubber end just grabs right onto your pacifier.
my 2 year old LOVES her little dog. even when i detach her paci during the day (we are TRYING to wean her from it) she still plays with the dog. Having a Paci Plushie makes finding a pacifier to much easier too!  At night when i am half asleep and groggy, i dont have to search so hard, i just feel for the dog and we got it :)
My only gripe was that they didnt fit the newborn MAM pacifier well. I think the top to the newborn sized paci was just too small and her paci plushie would just pop right off. Thats okay though, as she grows she will be able to use it.
We also recieved a Paci Chillies to try out. I can not WAIT for my 2 month old to start teething and to use this. I mean no one likes to hold onto something ice cold, now she can hold her paci plushie and use the teething chilled ice pack. It also doubles to make those bumps and bruises all better! We have used it as an ice pack already too!
Over All these are great adorable products. They have a whole line of profucts to choose from. I think my 2 year old could use a Lovie which has lavender scent to help calm those who need it.
Everyone needs to go over to Nookums and check out their products. These will make great baby shower gifts, new baby presents, and just a simple beacause i love you gift for your own little one.

I received product in compensation for this review. all thoughts and opinions are my own