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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EdenFantasys - Doesnt have to be a dirty little secret

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

First off, i want to start by saying this is for adults age 18 and over!

I was recently given the oppertunity to write a post about EdenFantasys which is an adult online store. Now, alot of you might go straight to the sight and see nothing but sex toys. You really need to keep looking if that doesnt intrest you!
If you click under Senual Love in the left, you will be taken to another page where there are candles, bubble bath, massage kits and much more.
As a mother to 3 kids, I would love to enjoy lighting some Aromatherapy candles and opening a bottle of wine with my husband.
Now, if you know someone getting married, or someone hosting an adult themed party, EdenFantasys even offers a Party Favors section.

As you can see, the sight offers much more than just sex toys. And of course, if sex toys is something your interested in, THERE IS PLENTY there to choose from!

The sight also offers forums for chatting, a Facebook page for staying connected and twitter page to keep you updated on the latest.

As an ambassador blogger for EdenFantasys I get compensated for posts with gift codes to their site.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Roll baby Roll

Luz can FINIALLY Roll!!! And to make it better, i caught her first ever roll on video. I saw it happening, and got it. She has been doing it non-stop. And i was worried....I can tell this little girl is gonna do things when she wants. I am such a proud momma. Also to add, she has at 5.5 months now eaten sweet potato with cinnamon and nutmeg, banana with organic brown rice, peaches with brown rice and carrots....which she wasnt a fan of until i added the cinnamon. She eats 2 times a day, about a tablespoon each time.
I love making my own food for her. I feel so in control of what she has...and it isnt from a jar. I should pump some more so i can give her breastmilk in with her food, cereal ect....i just cant find the time!
here is her first ever roll....

Hurricain Irene.....She was a BEAST!

So many people on the east coast had to endure a earthquake, and days later a hurricane. I feel lucky to still have power and be able to blog for all of you. We werent sure how the turnout would be, and it wasnt too bad, but i pray for everyone else that they have remained safe. There has been CRAZY flooding around here, my basment has water past our ankles right now!
I was smart, kept Luz out of cloth diapers cause if we loose power, chances are we will be out for a LONG TIME!(and i really dont want dirt diaper sitting)
The wind has been strong, trees falling, and it just looks amazing outside. Its amazing to go through to of earth events all within a week. I never thought in my life i would get to go through an earthquake, and that was something itself.
Some say its the end of the world...i say its just the begining

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Five

1. I am happy to that i have accepted that i will not have more children, and i am really enjoying the ones i have.

2. i love that i am a better at teaching my kids soccer than their own coach

3. i love the Nutella has gotten my daughter to eat strawberrys!

4. i love that we stayed with my parents in a beach house for a week, it was a great time

5. i love that my husband got a week off of work and we have our own family vacation at the beach too!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Basics - Month 5

Well its hard to believe my baby girl is 5 months old already! Where did the time go??? She is growing beautifully, and is just the happiest baby there is. We stopped solids after 3 days in month 4, cause her belly just hurt her. through the month she has gotten SO HUNGRY! So i started up sweet potatoe 2 days ago and she is doing great. I will be introducing some brown rice and banana withing 2 weeks too!
She STILL is not rolling. I dont know part of me wants to be worried, she isnt huge and doesnt have a big body to roll with. I guess she is just content?
She is doing amazing at sitting, i say in a 2-3weeks she should be fully sitting unsupported.
Oh, and she got to meet her grandparents and we stayed together for a week!!! We all went to the beach together and it was just amazing. she took right to them, never cried and she fell in love with them, and boy are they in love with her. IT was so sad to say goodbye. I honestly believe the next day she woke up and was looking for them, she was sad the whole day. not crying but like a sad whimper.
I dont have her weight since they didnt do it at the doctors for her Dtap yesterday but im guessing around 14pds. Ill try to do it on my scale.
oh and i believe she is teething. My other 2 kids never showed anything but she is all out chewing, and just isnt herself. Plus she stopped sleeping through the night....and i think that is why! she is still in a bassinet in my room with my older 2 in MY bed, and i dont see them leaving anytime too. But i think i am going to get her into a crib in their room , since my other kids have bad asthma and cough all night, that could be whats waking her too.....ahhh the good times!

some beach fun

Thursday, August 18, 2011

MIA soaking up the Sun

I just wanted to be sure people know I am not skipping out on blogging! We are taking a 2 week Vaca at the beach! Look for when i return though, Ill have Baby Basics month 5, and an AWSOME giveaway so stay tuned!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Grow Garden ....GROW

I LOVE having a Garden every year. For some reason i get some sort of wonderful satisfaction to look out to it, and see what I created. This year, i had to move it to a new spot since the old location now is home to an awsome swingset! So, i borrowed my neighbors tiller and went to work! Here it is, before the plants went into the ground

And here we are today!

We have lots of Yummy things. There are 2 strawberry plants that the kids lvoe to go pick at, i have a long hot pepper plant, pablano peppers(these are SPICY) 2 green Bell pepper plants, 2 Cherry tomatoe plants, a Big Beef tomatoe plant, yellow squash, zuchinni,cucumer and watermelon. For herbs i have 2 basil, mint, rosemary and there was cilantro until the evil ground hog ate it ALL! I was soooo mad. He also ate all of the leaves to my zuchinni and cucumber but my awsome husband built the barrier and they have grown back.

I am very happy for what has grown this year. And the amazing crew who helps me water and pick!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blogger Challenge DROP OUT

OKAY, I JUST CANT DO IT! Seriously, I really thought that I would be able to keep up with the daily challenge, but, i couldnt. Some of the post i was suppose to make were just not me, i really didnt look foward to doing them so i have officially dropped out! I am on the look out for a not so demanding one though for sure, maybe a weekly one...that i think i could do.

I am feeling much better from my oral surgery and looking foward to 2 weeks at the beach!!!! Even better, i get to see my parents! I havent Seen my mom in 4 months since she came when i had Luz, and i havent seen my dad since they moved 8 months ago. Its been a hard transition but to think in 1 weel i will get to be with them again, i am thrilled!!!!!