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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EdenFantasys - Doesnt have to be a dirty little secret

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

First off, i want to start by saying this is for adults age 18 and over!

I was recently given the oppertunity to write a post about EdenFantasys which is an adult online store. Now, alot of you might go straight to the sight and see nothing but sex toys. You really need to keep looking if that doesnt intrest you!
If you click under Senual Love in the left, you will be taken to another page where there are candles, bubble bath, massage kits and much more.
As a mother to 3 kids, I would love to enjoy lighting some Aromatherapy candles and opening a bottle of wine with my husband.
Now, if you know someone getting married, or someone hosting an adult themed party, EdenFantasys even offers a Party Favors section.

As you can see, the sight offers much more than just sex toys. And of course, if sex toys is something your interested in, THERE IS PLENTY there to choose from!

The sight also offers forums for chatting, a Facebook page for staying connected and twitter page to keep you updated on the latest.

As an ambassador blogger for EdenFantasys I get compensated for posts with gift codes to their site.

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