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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Basics - Month 5

Well its hard to believe my baby girl is 5 months old already! Where did the time go??? She is growing beautifully, and is just the happiest baby there is. We stopped solids after 3 days in month 4, cause her belly just hurt her. through the month she has gotten SO HUNGRY! So i started up sweet potatoe 2 days ago and she is doing great. I will be introducing some brown rice and banana withing 2 weeks too!
She STILL is not rolling. I dont know part of me wants to be worried, she isnt huge and doesnt have a big body to roll with. I guess she is just content?
She is doing amazing at sitting, i say in a 2-3weeks she should be fully sitting unsupported.
Oh, and she got to meet her grandparents and we stayed together for a week!!! We all went to the beach together and it was just amazing. she took right to them, never cried and she fell in love with them, and boy are they in love with her. IT was so sad to say goodbye. I honestly believe the next day she woke up and was looking for them, she was sad the whole day. not crying but like a sad whimper.
I dont have her weight since they didnt do it at the doctors for her Dtap yesterday but im guessing around 14pds. Ill try to do it on my scale.
oh and i believe she is teething. My other 2 kids never showed anything but she is all out chewing, and just isnt herself. Plus she stopped sleeping through the night....and i think that is why! she is still in a bassinet in my room with my older 2 in MY bed, and i dont see them leaving anytime too. But i think i am going to get her into a crib in their room , since my other kids have bad asthma and cough all night, that could be whats waking her too.....ahhh the good times!

some beach fun

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