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Friday, August 5, 2011

Grow Garden ....GROW

I LOVE having a Garden every year. For some reason i get some sort of wonderful satisfaction to look out to it, and see what I created. This year, i had to move it to a new spot since the old location now is home to an awsome swingset! So, i borrowed my neighbors tiller and went to work! Here it is, before the plants went into the ground

And here we are today!

We have lots of Yummy things. There are 2 strawberry plants that the kids lvoe to go pick at, i have a long hot pepper plant, pablano peppers(these are SPICY) 2 green Bell pepper plants, 2 Cherry tomatoe plants, a Big Beef tomatoe plant, yellow squash, zuchinni,cucumer and watermelon. For herbs i have 2 basil, mint, rosemary and there was cilantro until the evil ground hog ate it ALL! I was soooo mad. He also ate all of the leaves to my zuchinni and cucumber but my awsome husband built the barrier and they have grown back.

I am very happy for what has grown this year. And the amazing crew who helps me water and pick!

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  1. your peppers looks gorgeous! mine are just sprouting out, but the heat down here is no joke! even with sprinklers going 3 times a day and food on Saturday mines are still struggling. hopefully next year my thumb will get greener :)