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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricain Irene.....She was a BEAST!

So many people on the east coast had to endure a earthquake, and days later a hurricane. I feel lucky to still have power and be able to blog for all of you. We werent sure how the turnout would be, and it wasnt too bad, but i pray for everyone else that they have remained safe. There has been CRAZY flooding around here, my basment has water past our ankles right now!
I was smart, kept Luz out of cloth diapers cause if we loose power, chances are we will be out for a LONG TIME!(and i really dont want dirt diaper sitting)
The wind has been strong, trees falling, and it just looks amazing outside. Its amazing to go through to of earth events all within a week. I never thought in my life i would get to go through an earthquake, and that was something itself.
Some say its the end of the world...i say its just the begining

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