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Friday, January 11, 2013

Today they said Goodbye

Today was the kids last day in Public School. As excited as they are to be homeschooling, it was still somewhat bitter sweet. My daughter said seeing her desk completely empty made her sad. Kids from class made her cards saying good bye. MY son was given tons of hugs from all the other kids in their class.

I know this is the right choice for our family, right now, this moment in time. I mean its something we have been discussing for a long time......and we all decided parents and kids, it was the right choice.

I have lots of goals other than educational for the kids now that they will be home ALL the time :)

I want to build their confidence in WHO they are
I want them to cherish each moment together with one another
I want them to live each moment for what it is, us together, learning, playing and growing.

I do hope i don't loose my cool on the hard days, but instead learn to breathe and let it go. I'm sure there will be days when NO ONE wants to work, and that's okay, ill figure it out as we go.


 YET OH SO HAPPY! My kids make me so proud everyday, and I have always had a hard time letting them go for 6 hrs a day. Now they are home, they are safe, they don't have to worry about being made fun of, or being cool, or looking their best. They can be in their own skin and feel proud.

I hope to embark on the journey with many followers here, and I hope to get comments and encouragement from all you seasoned homeschoolers!

Now its time to go work on my IHIP!!!!

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