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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Letter to My Oldest

Dear my oldest,
You are my first born, you are who made me a mother. You have made me smile since i found out I was having a baby. ( all i wanted was a girl). I can not believe you are already 6.5. Seriously where did the time go. As a baby you only loved me, only wanted me, only needed me. You would cry the second i handed you off, your would cry the second i placed you down. You just wanted my arms, and my arms just wanted you. Your smile lights up the room, your humor fills faces with smiles. Ever since you were little, anywhere we would go, people would stop us and comment on your beauty. You are beautiful. Like the 1 flower in a garden that everyone wants to pick. I want you to know how proud i am of you. You are growing into the most perfect person. You are such an amazing sister to the other crazy 2. You have taken hair pulling from your brother, being told to hang on cause mommy has to take care of your sister. Through it all, you still continue to love them, even though they might have taken away some of your mommy from you. You have learned to share me, even though it is hard at time. I love our times together when they are sleeping and its just me and you again, reading, baking, and just goofing off. You are a holiday lover like your grandma and that reminds me of her since she has moved away. It like her holiday spirit is a part of you. You are an amazing student -over a grade ahead in reading...gosh i am so proud! I am sorry if i have ever let you down, and i am sorry when i make you mad -being a mommy isn't always that easy. We have learned to have an understanding of each other, something no one else can understand. You are my gift, and i will protect you till the end. I love you more than i could ever say, ever show. You are my everything, i just want you to know that. Thank you my first born, for making me a mommy, thank you for choosing ME to be your mommy.


  1. That is a beautiful letter. It certainly is amazing how fast they grow and change. She is going to read this one day and say how proud she is of YOU!


  2. I always thank my kids for choosing me too! You are the only other person that I have ever "known" to do the same :) stopping in to follow you from the hop - hope you have time to visit and return the favor soon - oh, and read my shameless plug for my $0.99 book that is on sale :)