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Friday, June 8, 2012

Sleep baby-scream baby

If there is one area of parenting I fail at - its sleep situations. Baby girl WAS such an amazing sleeper, well compared to the older 2. Now, we have screaming baby. I really should night wean her, but honestly its harder than it seems. I TRY to get her to stay in her bed all night, and for a while she was. Now though, I am such a zombie I wind up bringing her to my bed, and I have no idea what time that is. I just go upstairs and get her. I use to go nurse her and lay her down and she would stay asleep. Now she just pops up and screa,s. I can handle it at bedtime, but in the middle of the night, and the wee hours of the morning its harder to stay strong. Does anyone have techniques that WORK? Even naps have become a struggle. I let her pass out on the couch the other day as seen in the picture. If you did use CIO, how long did it really take? She wakes about 4 times a night when in her bed, and the first one is just 2-3 hours after going down! Im so over it!!!!!!


  1. Yikes these truly are the days of miracles and wonder and SURVIVAL. You're doing great mama and surviving these early years of kiddos well, isn't that the very same thing as passing with flying colors. =)

    Following ya now and wishing you the very best everday and night. We're riding the wave of life at if you're up for a bit of a different ride, I'd love it if you'd join us. And also if you're up for new friends we're sharing aloha here, there and everywhere with our ALOHA Friday HOP. Come on over anytime and join the party.


  2. I did CIO when my little one turned 6 months it took about 2 nights tops then she was good to go in bed by 8 and slept through the night. She is now 2 1/2. We have had a few issues as of late but nothing too major we noticed that she is really restless the week of the full moon go figure. when she does get up we take right back into her bed and she falls back to sleep. We try to never ever have her in our bed that has been off limits since she turned 6 months. She never slept in our bed she was in a co sleeper by our bed. Good luck I know it sucks.