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Monday, July 23, 2012

Toddler Basics - Month 16

I cant believe baby girl is now 16 months old. Talk about the time flying by! She is such an amazing little girl, so kind and sweet. That being said so much has changed as far as sleep. she has officially joined the family bed. After my trip to Florida, she got use to sleeping with me. Then our central air broke and she couldn't be upstairs in her crib and has landed in my bed. Yep all night every night. My goal is to get her into a mattress on the floor in September....that's my goal.
So at 16 months she understands so much. She knows when we walk in the front door her shoes come off and she actually tries to take them off herself. She will bring her shoes when its time to leave, and bring everyone else theirs too!
She signs still , mainly more and all done and has started to sign help as well. This is great since she isn't speaking works yet really. I mean she says "hot" and "hi" but that's it. Am I worried? A bit, but if need be I will have her evaluated at 18 months. For now I am going to just keep repeating everything and working on her with signing.
She is still a peanut, 30in and 20pds. That being said she is still Rear facing in the car. She has a Complete Air 65 and can not Forward face till 34 inches in that seat so I am happy to say that this is the longest I have ever had a child RF and I feel so much safer in doing so.
She still isn't a HUGE eater and would much rather breastfeed....which I have my days where I want to be done! Reclaim my boobs, let them be the SAME size some day. But then I have my moments where the sweet baby rubs my face while nursing, the moments where we look into each others eyes and its just us, in the moment. OH and she now breastfeeds her baby :)
She has an understanding for when someone is sad or in pain. When one of the other 2 are punished she totally understand why the cry and walks over to rub their head, back or chest. She places her head on them and lets them hug her till they feel better. She has such a kind soul. and she loves kisses when she gets hurt. SO cute, she will hurt her toe and stick her foot in my face.

All and all this child is growing into an amazing young girl who lights up my world everyday!

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