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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adela Kendall Birth Story

Ill try to keep this to the point 
My toddler was hospitalized on her 2 year birthday with an "unknown" illness. I was 37 weeks. We were transfered to a children's hospital, she had spinal taps, cat scans, there was brain tumor scares, lethargic toddler who couldn't wake up, couldnt go to the bathroom, couldn't much was happening in that week i am surprised i didn't go into labor then. It was an emotional roller coaster. all in all, SHE IS FINE!!!!!

We came home on a Sunday night and everything was great. We had our toddler back. I went to the Dr on Monday and was 2cm 60%. Everything was wonderful and calm again. I took my older 2 to soccer camp all week. I came down with a killer stomach virus and it was so not fun. I tried to eat, but the cramping was horrible. I made sure to keep my fluid intake up, but still it was horrible gas pains and diahrea. sorry TMI

On Friday I woke up with some real deal contractions, down in my pelvis. They weren't terrible, but I KNEW that this was the day. It was just that gut feeling that lets you know, your having a baby today. I "prepared" the house as if I was not comming home. Left the kids easter things where DH could easily get to, made sure all dishes were washed, packed the older 3 an overnight bag and put the alarm on. Off to soccer camp.
I sat it the car for those 6 hours of camp with my 2 year old. I was contracting every 20-30 mins. Then every 15-20 mins. I couldn't eat still from the stomach virus but drank at least 5 bottles of water in that time. 

I called DH can told him today was the day. it was happening but I needed to get walking or it wouldn't be happening. SO after camp we went to DH work and I dropped DS off. They were comming about every 7 mins and painful. I took the 2 girls to Target and WALKED. Yep, drank water and contracted there every 5 mins apart. GOOD TIME! lol. after target DH was still working so My SIL and her family took me and the kids to applebees. by the time we were there I was contracting every 3-5 mins and it was even more painful, but bearable. I called DH from Applebees and said its time, he had to come get me. (My kids were going to my SIL house anyways, so she drove my car and her DH drove her kids in their car)

We got to the hospital around 7pm. I got in the horrible bed and continued to contract every 3-5 mins but just breathed through them, never made a sound or a fuss. after "I HAD THIS"
the nurse told me baby was a little too sleeping and needed to give me an IV with sugar water. This was all because I hadn't eaten all day and was dehydrated. OOPS!
I requested a "suite" so i could labor in the jacuzzi. They transferd me there. After the IV baby perked up and I got the okay to get in the tub. After the fluids my contractions were more like 7 mins apart. i got in the Jacuzzi at 9pm exactly. The Jacuzzi felt great. I remember how much I loved it with my previous birth. The hospital only allows 30 mins in and then back to monitor for 30 mins. So after i relaxed for 30 mins In the HOT water knowing each contraction took me that much closer to meeting my last baby. 
When my time was up i stood up to get out and suddenly felt them coming one after another. still i never made a sound just handled each one as it came. I got in the bed and the dr came in to check me real quick before she went to do a C-section. 

I was a stretchy 9 with bulging waters. i looked at DH and said "its go time" She knew she was going to deliver me first. She had the hardest time breaking my water but it was eventually broke. this was at 9:45.
I began pushing and that's the only time i verablized anything. Got the head halfway out and the dr had me HOLD so i could stretch naturally. i remember saying JUST GET HER OUT! head was out, pushed out the shoulders and felt the rest glide right. out. AMAZING! 

March 29, 2013
9:51 pm Adela Kendall was born. 6 pounds 12 ounces19 inches

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  1. YEAH!!!!Congratulations to you , Melissa, and your family!!!!! How awesome. Miss Adela looks very sweet=) We wish you well and hope you are feeling a lot better than before delivery=)
    Love to your family=) Kristen