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Friday, July 22, 2011

Blogger Challenge CATCH UP!

okay we are going through a crazy heat wave, over 100 these past few days and keeping the kids inside during the day has been making us all a little crazy! But, let me do a 3 day catch up....

Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.
honestly, i dont like pets. I know, call me evil mommy but i just dont. I wanted a Yorkie SO BAD, and got one, for about 5 months and I had to return it to my sister in law. I mean, i paper trained him, and loved him, but he was dropped and broke a foot....400dollars later. Loco was just 3, and really tossed the poor dog around. That being said, the kids want a guinni pig. I
told them no. Then we couldnt go on vacation, I am an extra chore on top of my motherly duties now, just no no no.
We do have 2 Betas though :)

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.
This is a tough one. I always imagined myself with my wedding dress, dancing with dad, you know, every little girls princess moment. I got pregnant with my oldest at 20, and we were not married at the time. It just never seemed like an important part of our life, and we were happy with the way we, a REAL wedding cost so much money. Sure my parents should pay for it, and they gave my sister a BEAUTIFUL wedding, but WHY... I couldnt ask them to pay for my 1 day fantasy. Then our son was born 2 years later...still unmarried....
When he was 2 weeks old we went to city hall and "got married" it was great. Funny thing is, we did it during DH's lunch break at work. So we ran to wendy;s to eat, and now that i think of it, that is where we ate on our first date! IRONIC!
But now after 3 kids, we are thinking about possible having a real church wedding. So here i go...
I would LOVE it to be on a beach. but thats just me. It would be near sunset, somewhere tropical. I would be happy with close family, our just us. Me the bride in White, Dh the groom in white. Bonita would be my bridemaid/flowergirl cause i KNOW even at 6 she would want to do that. I think the girls will wear lavender dresses. Loco would be in white with a lavender bowtie as my ring bearer and Luz, would be matching Bonita...
ahh beauty...oh yeah, we would have RINGS! (we still dont have rings, I cant justify us spending money on wedding rings when we have 3 kids to raise :)

Day 8 – A song to match your mood.
hmmmm Dave Mathews Band - You and Me

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  1. We got pregnant with our first at 23 and we waited until she was almost 2 to get married. We had a simple wedding in my parents backyard. We do have rings though dh doesn't wear his.