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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why you shouldn't let them pick out bedtime stories....

So we visit the library ALOT! With a 1st grader reading really well, and a 3 year old who loves to listen and a 4 month old who benifits from it all, we go through LOTS of books in this house. Usually the kids are free to pick what they want from the childrens section of the library and we just leave with 20+ books and i go through the pile at night. Sometimes they are awsome, sometimes they are boring and sometimes its the same book for 5 weeks in a row. This past library trip, something new was picked out, and it was a tough book to get through.

The book is about a little girl, telling her story to her mom. The book starts with her and her mom, and her mom is sick. They get a family helper to come....and the girl notices she is there more and more. Then mom goes away to the hospital and she dies from being sick.

It was a very sad, beautiful and touching book. I didnt mind so much reading it to the kids, it was tough since it was a bedtime story. If i would have known, i would have saved it for the day, and we would have discussed it.

It made me sit back and once again really appreciate the little things in life with my kids, the giggles on the swings, the voices of them thinking they REALLY have a good singing voice, and the moments just sitting on the couch at night, waiting for daddy to get home from work, when everything is still, dark and we just are there, in a moment together.

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