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Monday, October 10, 2011

The boy who takes me by surprise.....

Loco, my non stop moving boy.He wakes up ready to go, and he continues to go till he crashes down. I mean it there is no down time.
He is a computer game genius, At 3 he learned to work the Xbox, just for netflix. Then one day he found the video games, learned how to download just the demos, and off he went. He has completed all of the Lego game demos he could get his hands on. He just turned 4 a month ago. The kid is amazingly latented.
I figured it was time not too long ago to try to get him to sit and learn, handwriting, reading, the good stuff. But he wouldnt sit. I couldnt teach him anything, so I gave up. I mean he has been able to identify his letters and knows their sounds since 2, but i want to teach him to read before Kindergarden and be able to write.
Everyone said "boys just arent ready" and i accepted it.


I sat him down with a book the had pictures and a place for for him to write the letter that it began with. Not even knowing he could form letters, i left it with him and walked away.
I came back just 5 mins later and found this complete with a smiling little boy.

I was so proud, so shocked. I mean WHEN did this child learn to write letters??? He continued to work in his book and we are going to complete the Explode the code primers over the next month or so and then i would like to move foward with book 1 and really getting this little man reading.

I will be sure to post our updates.


  1. He really shows initiative!

    Thanks so much for joining Flock Together yesterday. Hope you'll come back again.

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  3. Wow! He's such a smarty pants!! My son is pretty darm smart too. At two years of all, and actually I'll say at about 18 months he know about 12 letters, by 2 he could recite the alphabet and count to 10, (all self motivated by the way, this mommy just reads a lot to her son)
    Like your son I fully expect him to learn how to work our remotes and play video games with daddy before four. He turns three in march.

    I think that is really impressive that he understands the letters that start with each picture!! Excellent!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!

  4. It's been so long since my kids just had to simple things like letters. We are doing algebra and geometry in 7th grade. I am so very glad that your son is enjoying himself!

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  5. Wow - that is certainly impressive! They always say that boys are slower to develop but Loco is certainly proving them wrong - great job!

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  6. Very impressive little man! I just read that children are most receptive to learning between 7 months and 7 years. I believe it!