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Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby Food Happenings!

First off, i have to admit, I LOVE MAKING MY OWN BABY FOOD! ITs so fresh, so pure, and really not even an extra chore. I usually go to wholesomebabyfood for a refrence and to make sure what i am giving is okay.
Luz is at 5.5 months now and really has days where she loves to eat and other days when she really could care less.
I need to invest in a food steamer to really steam my foods, for now they are just boiled in a bit of water, or makes, or raw. My sister in law gave me a baby bullet and its perfect for making and storing food.
I have seen alot of post latley with people like me who ARENT doing BLW, the hot new fad. honestly, i had thought about it, but gagging babies and me just dont mix, so puress it is. I am going to try to clear up the "how do i begin deeding" question for everyone here.
I never started with rice cereal. The first food Luz ever had was sweet potato at 4 months. She was not ready and got gas...well at least when i read her mind thats what i assume. so i didnt offer and waited till a little over 5 months when she was practically trying to steal food from me.
We did the sweet potatoe baked, whiped through the Bullet in a bit of water and that was it! I began by offering her 1 TBS, once a day. I do try to keep the 4 days rule, but i am already giving that up.
After she was finishing 1 tbs once a day, i increased it to 1 tbs twice a day. I offer her some fruit in the morning and then a vegi at dinner time. Sometimes she finishes it all, and sometimes she doesnt. I almost ALWAYS need to thicken it, and use the Earths Best baby cereal. Although today i am going to make my own barley cereal to begin using.
I have added cinnamon and nutmeg to some foods. mainly carrots. I do notice though that she gets pink around the mouth with the cinnamon, i dont think its an allergic reaction, more of an irritation from it touching her face.
Here is the list that she has eaten. Please if you have any questions, leave a comment and let me know!
avacodo (wasnt a fan)

sweet potatoe


  1. I loved making all of my son's baby food. It was so easy, cost efficient, and so yummy! Thanks for stopping by my blog...happily following you back :)

  2. I made most of my son's food, too! Just steaming and then pureeing in the food processor. We did start out with BLW around 6 months but then switched to purees after some gagging incidents that almost gave me a heart-attack! Love the idea of BLW but it just wasn't practical for us. The key is to just listen to your baby to know when they've had enough. :) Good luck with the feeding, soon she will be feeding herself!

    New follower from MBM! Would love for you to visit and follow back!
    According to Jenny

  3. I made all of my daughters foods. I loved it. With my son we are kind of half doing BLW and half not. Depends on the day. He loves to chew so we don't have a gagging issue. Its funny how different my two kids have been. My daughter gaged on any chunks for the longest time!

    Thanks for stopping by monster round up

  4. Your little Luz is adorable! I hope the older kids enjoy starting school in the next couple weeks! I tried making my sons food when i started on baby food with him but, i could never get the right consistency. So i unfortunately gave up quickly! But i love cloth diapering so that is my green thing in life i do to safe land fills! LOL
    New follower from 2 is purrfect, thanks for the follow from you!

  5. Wow that baby is both cute and HAPPY! My sister-in-law makes her own baby food too and she said pretty much the same thing as you! When I'm a mom it's what I'm going to do too! Great blog, am a new follower.