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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cloth diapers - 6 months later review

So I began cloth diapering at birth for Luz. I took pictures of her in various ones and now 6 months later, i have done it again to show everyone how they are. I the pictures together so you can see how they fit on a newborn and a 6 month old.
All NB pics are taken when Luz was first born or within a few weeks. She was not over 8pds in any photo
All 6 months shots were just taken at 15lbs 8oz and 25 3/4in

I will start with the Softbums. Alot of diapering mommas LOVE softbums. They can rave and use this as their only diapering system. For me, it didnt work. I always had leaks, adjusting the inner drawstring was a pain and I made a nice trade for some beautiful longies instead.I also did not like that the cover had a fleece inner. I like the option of wiping down my covers, rather that getting stinky fleece. I can honestly say I was going to make this my whole stash before luz arrived, and I am VERY happy i didnt!

GMD Orange Edge Prefolds for the newborn ROCK! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I have since sold them, but I now use the yellow edge and Those are amazing as well. Soon it will be time to upgrade to the Red edge. GMD are perfect width for the snappi. We were able to fit in the orange edge for 2 months or so and then i started to make the switch over to the yellow edge.

Here is the Yellow Edge GMD. These are my go to diaper at home. Luz still lays still for me to change her, which i am sure will change soon and then i might have to change my options. But for now i can get a really nice fold and they contain nicely, especially with a thirsties cover

This is a small Fluff and Stuff fitted. I dont use this much but I wanted to say it is awsome and has a great fit still. Its super trim, and after just pulling it out for the updated picture, I will probably keep it in rotation.

Newborn Muttaquin. If you are going to use fitteds i couldnt recommend these any more. I absolutley loved them. This was actually Loco's diaper from when he was first born. They have a snap down for the cord stump. This fit till about 12pds, but was as absorbant as i needed it to be.

This is the Grovia System. I have mixed feeling about it, but i guess I like it enough that I havent sold it yet. I like the look of the covers. They work great with their pod system or with a prefold underneath. I do not like the cotton on top, it leave the baby wet all the time. BUT i do think they have just came out with a stay dry top, which if they did is very awsome. They system is a bit bulky on a NB, but its a cloth diaper so dont expect more! I used the covers with a prefold more at the nb stage, and now we use the snap in inserts. I love that i can go out with 2 covers and 5 pods and i have enough diapers without filling my diaper bag.
Grovia WITH snap-in

Grovia as cover over orange snappi'd GMD

Grovia with Snap-In

Grovia with GMD prefold

Here is the Grovia AIO. These are nice. They are so cute to see under dresses. Again, I have mixed feeling. I do take them as a go out diaper as well, but still, I dont know if I LOVE them. They are not stay dry either and i have had a bit of leakage.

Thirsties covers. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the thirsties cover! They are perfect for newborn and baby alike. I NEVER get leaks and trust them to the fullest. This is the size 1. IT still fits luz 6 months later. Cant beat that. I have to say that i DO NOT like the snap covers. they really just sit in the drawer cause i can never get a decent fit with them

Both are taken over a gmd orange prefold.

6 months later, still size 1. Now over a GMD Yellow Edge

Now to sum it all up. I use the prefolds at home and the grovia for going out. I have a Sunbaby on the way which i cant wait to try. They are so cheap and get great reviews. I would also like to get my hands on some Fuzzi Bunz. I use to LOVE them when Loco was a baby so we will see. I am not sure what i will buy when i sell my Yellow edge PF, since that time is comming. I do like that for the money i can get 12 prefolds....12 diapers. BUT when Luz starts crawling it isnt always easy to snappi a prefold on a baby. I will have to try some more out. I wont be adding to my Grovia system, and will have to see how some more diaper trials go. I really am considering switching to a nice set of Fuzzi Bunz.I have never tried the one size but would like to.....



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  2. We love Fuzzibuns over here! I'll bet the one size would be perfect for her, but I personally like the perfect size FB. Those are my go to go out diaper. (I usually stuff them with green edge infant prefolds.)

  3. Good for you Melissa Darling for going the way of the cloth! It's been many years since I had to worry about diapers, and now there actually are some options when choosing cloth diapers. My, time flies... Stopping by from the Thursday Hop, new follower... Cups Up my Dear! xoxo

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