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Thursday, September 8, 2011


I hate eating. I really do. For some reason, it just annoys me. Taking the time to sit and eat, it bugs me. OF course, if we go out to eat its great, but i hate cooking and then eating. Anyway, i dont eat breakfast, i drink coffee. i have 2 cups and my day can begin (okay they are HUGE cups). around 11 i eat a lunch....yep thats where this post is going. I have become OBSESSED with my garden and whats in it. So latley EVERY day i eat this, toast with spinach tomatoe and basil topped with mozz cheese....and melted to perfection. doesnt it look perfect!

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  1. That sounds and looks delish, I'll have to try it sometime. I'm like you, no breakfast but lots of coffee! Breakfast annoys me and I never really like breakfast foods, except for a cinnamon raisin bread that I've recently started making. I'm a new follower from SSS. I would love for you to check me out and follow back at

    I also love your playlist. Usually I'm not a fan of music on blogs but your playlist is awesome!