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Monday, May 7, 2012

10 Goals for this week

Everyone staying on top of their weekly goals?  Its a new week with a new list!

1. Finish power washing

2. seed the backyard and get hay down

3. continue to keep up the cleaning

4 read read read

5. work with loco on school work

6 read aloud to the kids

7. start teaching Luz simple tasks

8. Place Luz on the potty at least 5 times a day

9. Plan Meals for everyday of the week

10.Blog Daily

Now how did YOU do last week? I cant complain, alot was accomplished, still more to do!

1. Read 100 pages in The Glass Castle. ( i have started this book a thousand time and never keep going, despite loving it. I have not read a book in over 11 years, i know crazy but true. So, I am saying I will start, and I will see how I do.
NOPE didn't do it, BUT me and DH did start reading 50 Shades of Grey together!

2.Start freezer cooking

3. Do school work with Loco everyday. I would like to have him reading before he enters K, and he is off to a great start

4. Keep all laundry done everyday and to NOT pile up

5. Keep all of DH's and the kids laundry ironed and not to grow an "need to be ironed tree in my room

6. exercise for at least 30 mins at least 5 days
     AGAIN FAILED! but i did alot of yard work.....
7. Read Aloud to the children everyday
8. Give my 6 year old an hour of one on one time at least 3 times this week

9. Blog everyday

10. Keep the house as clean as it already is!

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