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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eczema Woes

So Loco has had severe eczema as a child really bad. I mean we had to keep him in sleepers so he would not itch because he would get chronic staph infections. I took cows milk out of his diet and I have seen a HUGE improvement. Now thats its summer he has been eating ice cream alot so I need to work on an alternative for that.

Now me. It started in January and has been constant and severe for me. Covering 70 percent of my body is eczema. It looks more like hives, the itching and pain is so unbearable. Hence why my blog has been lacking. In January I went to the dermatologist and was given 2 steroid creams and atarax. All was good and well till I stopped the steroid cream. The flare ups would be back in a day. I went to an Allergist the other day, and turns out I am allergic to all the trees and grass and pollen in our wonderful rural country land. On top of that, it says I am allergic to Almonds....but Ive never had a reaction like  you would think, I just have been drinking Almond milk. Im starting to think that was a false positive. I am severely allergic to Lentils though......and i developed that as an adult. Go Figure.

I have to stay off histamines for a few days to get blood drawn and see what else it say. Im beside myself. I dont understand how this happend to me as an adult. I eat healthy, cook from scratch and overall am stress free.

My next step is elimination diet but i have no idea where to begin. Anyone? Wanna guide me?

Yesterday I got more creams from the dermatologist including protopic as a maintenance.....

I was already smelling like coconut since i rub down in that a few times a day......

this is so horrible.

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