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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fallen, but ready to get back up

I've fallen off the blogger waggon latley. Things have just gotten so busy in everyday life, that ive neglected to write, neglected to read my favorite blogs. I was working a 9-5 and it just didnt fit in to my life. Hats off to all you bloggers who can work full time, take care of kids, cook, clean AND blog. It just wanted happening. But.... I AM BACK! Its May first and I am here to stay. Ill be doing lots of reviews and giveaway, Baby Basics, (although she is no longer a BABY at 13 months old! I will also be showing the teachings I so with my son and the awsome cooking I do through my days. I hope this becomes one of your daily reads again and i bring smiles to your face!

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