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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Toddler Basics - Month 13

Okay I did it, I called my baby a toddler. I mean, she is 13 months which technically is OUT of the baby phase. And.... SHE TODDLES! not full time, not all the time, BUT she does toddle. It is the cutest thing to see. Its funny, my other 2 were walking by a year old, not her. Then again, i didnt "push" it the way i did with them. I remeber practicing them to walk, helping them, kinda forcing them. With her, everything has been to HER own beat, and its been so amazing to see as she let go of the couch on her OWN to take 2 steps and sit down. She is so cautious, never falls, just graciously sits. Love her. She is now about 19 pound, 29 inches. My little peanut. She has been growing in speech too! Lets see, she says, mommy, daddy, hi, hot, no (yet she really says no no no no no with her little pointer finger slighly waving back and forth), she tries to say boo and she tries to say bye, but the dont really come out the way they should. And, night night she can say very clear! She has learned to hold her ground when it comes to fighting with her brother and claiming what she wants. We have had some sleep hiccups too. Since she learned to roll over at a year old (yeah a year is right) she stands in her crib and screams. ITs getting better but i have to admit, she is a nightly visiter to our bed. I am still breastfeeding and I have given up going to her room 4 times a night. So she falls asleep in her bed and when she wakes I just bring her to mine. It is totally NOT what i wanted to do for her, but I guess plans change as we go along day by day.

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